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The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) today launched a $400,000 television ad campaign highlighting Terri Lynn Land’s Senate campaign’s support from the out?of-state oil billionaire Koch Brothers, who have used Michigan as a dumping ground for pollution. The first ad, “Koch Land,” begins airing this week in the Grand Rapids media market.

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Pro-gun sheriff jabs Michael Bloomberg: You ‘made a huge miscalculation’

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke Jr., a pro-gun lawmaker who won his Democratic primary despite the $150,000 that Michael Bloomberg tossed in the race to defeat him, said the former New York City mayor “made a huge miscalculation.” “He didn’t understand the political climate on the ground here in Milwaukee County,” Sheriff Clarke said, during a…

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The Traitorous Koch Brothers and Their Anti American Greed Agenda (YOU LOST SUCKERS)

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What’s the worst thing the Koch brothers have done?

What’s the worst thing the Koch Brothers GREEDY SCUM have done? Take Your Pick.

New rule: Not all of the teapartiers are teabaggers. The rest are KOCH SUCKERS.

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Counter The Koch Billions. Protect Social Security!

The Right Wing Organization, Koch Industries, Is Putting Millions Behind The Assault on Social Security And The Destruction Of The American Middle Class

A new video by Robert Greenwald’s Brave New Films, “The Koch Echo Chamber,” puts the GOP position that changes to Social Security ought to be a part of a deficit reduction plan in the context of the Koch brothers’ longtime support for conservative and libertarian organizations who argue for such cuts. Over the years, the Mercatus Center, the Cato Institute, the Heritage Foundation and Reason Foundation have collectively been given $28 million by the GOP benefactors, the film notes, tying that giving to a subsequent shift in the public conversation as it relates to Social Security.

For more information, check out the Strengthen Social Se...

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